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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

We've been so busy around our house, that we haven't posted much, but we wanted to wish all of our furiends a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :D

~ Tiki & Colossus

Monday, December 20, 2010

I'm a Pwesent!

Wook at me! BOL! I'm a Pwesent! :D 

Dis is my vewy furst Chwistmas!!! 

~ Colossus

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Eating Turkey Day!

err.. Happy Thanksgiving we mean! :D Sorry, we kinda get distracted with all the GREAT smells that come outta the kitchen this time of year. :D  And this year, we got to help, didn't we Colossus! :D 

Yes we did Tiki! Gots to hewp wif aw da good stuffs!

Dis is me making sure da food tastes awright fur da family :D

And I got to help with the Thanksgiving Dinner! We had a HUGE feast! All the trimmings and a HUGE turkey! It was GREAT! 

Here I am about to start cooking!

We (along with our human brothers) got to learn all about how the Pilgrims came and the Indians welcomed them, and they all gave thanks. It was a great story, and it was nice learning about the country's history and why we eat all the yummy foods we do. :)

I gots to dwess up wike an Indian Chief.  Chief Cowossus Da Gweat!

And I am an Indian Princess

We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!!

~ Tiki & Colossus

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dere's a Monser in my house!

Seaweiswy! Dere is a monser in my house! It is cawed a Bissew. It is SCARWY!! It makes grumbwing noises and it is woud!!!! Momma fights wiff it too. She pushes it away, and it puws back.. aw across the wiving room fwoor!

I do NOT wike the Bissew Monser. 

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Howloween Fun!

So, this year Momma is making me dress up as a maid.. you saw the pic.. but here it is again...

Well, I gets to be a gweat Ninja Pup! 

This is going to be a great Howloween!!!! :D

~Tiki & Colossus

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Clean as a Whistle **woot woot**

Need something dusted?

BOL! So, momma found a Howlween costume that actually fits me. And it's cute! The only problem is that now I think she is expecting me to help out with the chores around the house!!!! 

You want me to do what??

Well, I don't think so! 

Nope, Not going to do it


**Not The Hired Help**

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Da Couch be a wong way from da fwoor

I be spendin a wot of time on da couch. Tiki a widdle jellolous because she doesnt get to, but I am smaw so it's wike an escapy pwace. 

Wast night, I tried to be a big boy and get down aw by myself. :( It didn't turn out da way it was pose to. Did you know that da couch is much higher den it wooks?

I jump! Wheee fying drew da air! I super Cowossus! Den, all a sudden, fwoor jumped higher and I crash wanded. oof 

Big owwies on my weft back weg. No broken, just wimpy when I wawk. All wast night I make it seem worse den weally is. Gets wots of hugs and cuddles from Momma.

This morning, no more wimpy when I wawk. Doesn't hurt wike wast night. Tiki said "Good Thing! Have to go to Docfur if it wasn't better!" 0_o Docfur?? Dat don't sound fun at all.

Me better, me better!!! See? Weg feel just fine! 

☺ Colossus ☺

P.S~ Momma say she going to keep an eye on me anyway, to make sure no Docfur is needed. :(

Monday, October 11, 2010

My Dog is Bigger then Your Dog..

So, as most of you Dogster pups know, right now is the 6th annual Coolest Dog Contest. This is our first year doing it. We were members of Dogster last year, but we weren't active (didn't have the net at the time). So we are all new to this.

From what I can see, it's basically looking like a "my dog is more popular then your dog, my dog's bigger then yours" type of thing. Which is sad. I'm hearing that last year they were awarding zealies to people who voted, which I think is awesome, because then pups will vote for lots of other pups, even if they don't know them. But, with no incentive it's going to be harder for some pups who don't have a lot of pals. I'm not sure WHY HQ isn't giving zealies away this year. I think that was pretty cool of them last year, especially since Christmas is coming up, and some non-plus members really could use them for gifts... And it's not like it costs HQ anything for them... *shrugs*

ANYWAY... I wanted to post this...

Vote For Tiki!

And say that while you are voting for me (hopefully!) would you go around looking at other pups picture and vote for them too? Even if you don't get anything for it, I'm sure they would appreciate it a great deal. :) Thanks!!!!

**Miss Not-So-Popular**


Monday, October 4, 2010

Hot Dawg, it's Cold outside!

Oh, yes, I'm loving it outside. So much, that I don't wanna go in the house! BOL! It is 10am.. and the guy on the weather show on the box that has pictures says that it's 54* outside! And it's sunny! My kind of day for sure. Just wish my tether was a little longer. I keep throwing my toys outta range. BOL!

Speaking of toys.. the nasty little neighbor's dog stole another of my toys yesterday. grrrrrr... That dog is so mean. But, when he wasn't looking, Colossus trotted right over and took it back! BOL!! He's not on a leash or tether yet, cause he pretty much stays near me or momma. Well, the neighbor's dog took my toy, and put it just outta my reach. He's ALWAYS teasing me like that. Well, Colossus trotted over, took it back and came back. He did start chewing on it, and didn't actually give it back to ME, but at least it's back in our yard again. :)

And yes, Colossus *blush* pee'd on me. :-/ It wasn't like, a lot.. only a few drops if that.. but still! I was so embarrassed! And Momma just laughed! He better watch it though.. cause he's still small enough that I could pee on HIM if I really wanted to ;) BOL! But I won't.. cause I'm sophisticated and all that. :D

**enjoying the cool weather and being dry**


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Was I not pose to do dat?

So, my big sisfur Tiki has been teaching me wots of dings. I haven't had dat many accidents in da house (just when Momma doesn't realize it in time). She has showed me how to go out into da yard to make tinkles. I'm vewy good at dis... Anytime I go out, da first ding I do is tinkle.

Now, dere are some oder dogs near where we wive. Dey dont seem too nice, but Tiki been protectin me, Cowossus, her widdle brofur. To show her dat I dink she be the greatest big sisfur ever, and to wet da oder doggies know she be MINE, I wifted my weg and tinkled on Tiki's weg.

She was NOT a happy big sisfur. Momma waughed dough, and said I be da funniest pup ever! Tiki, on da oder paw, gave me "Da Wook" dat tol me I better NOT tinkle on her eber again!

☺ Colossus ☺

Friday, October 1, 2010

My new life as a big Sisfur

I've had brothers for as long as I can remember. THREE of them.

RW is 7

IC is 5

AJ is 2 (I usually call him my baby brother even though he's older then me by a year)

They are my human brothers though. LOVE them, but sometimes it got lonely being the only fur. Sure, there's the kitty krew, but they never want to play. All they do is sleep or run away when I come into the room.

Well, my life turned in a 180* direction last week. ALMOST a week ago.. tomorrow marks a week to be exact.

This bundle of soft fur came home with the family after they went on a trip. Momma had been telling me for two whole weeks that I was getting a new brofur, but I honestly have NO idea what she was talking about. Til now.. bol!
Momma came into the house and my tail was wagging, cause I had missed them! then I noticed she had a dog bedroom like mine, but much smaller. I started to sniff it, when something inside it MOVED! I jumped back! Went back to sniff some more and this little bark came outta it! Then this little black nose poked right up to the door of the crate. IT started sniffing at ME!

After lots of sniffing, Momma opened the door of the crate. A little black and white head poked out. It looked like a mini dog! I've never seen one so small! and he wasn't mean like the neighbor dog.. he didn't bark or snap at me. We sniffed each other and I pushed him around with my head (you know, just to let him know that I am nice, but this is MY house and MY rules).

Momma put my leash on me, and led us both outside. I showed my new brofur where the best spots were for sniffing, and then I went potty.. and guess what?? He did too! I taught him something! :D Momma was so happy.

I'm liking having him around. Momma takes us outside about every 2-3 hours!!! She hasn't done that since I was little! :D I also seem to be getting more treats, because Colossus (that's my new brofur's name) eats more times in the day then I do.. and Momma doesn't want to make it seem like I'm not important anymore. So every time HE gets a meal, I get a chicken foot! :D YUM!

The only thing I don't like, is at night. I don't sleep in my crate bedroom anymore, but Colossus sleeps in his. Sometimes he whines. Momma said to ignore him, because if we don't, he won't learn to stop. So, instead of laying on the living room floor like I use to, I've been sleeping in the brothers' room. (Sometimes in AJ's bed with him.. I'm not suppose to though! :D ) The good thing is, he doesn't seem to do it as much anymore. :D Momma says I use to whine too, but I don't remember that.. I must have only done it when I was little like him. now, I like my crate bedroom. :D

So, I'm liking having a little brofur. Can't wait til he's a little bigger though.. it's hard playing with him when he's so little! BOL! :D

**Best Big Sisfur Ever**


Saturday, September 25, 2010

I'm Home! I'm Home!

My fambly came and gots me today! It was a wong dwive home, but I was such a good boy my momma said. :D MY momma! I wike the sound of dat! My big sisfur Tiki was so nice to me when I came home too. She sniffted me and then wagged her tail and has been weewey gentle wiff me.

I gots a baff! I did NOT wike that one bit! Momma said I gots some fees and that is why I was a widdle itchedy, but she said she gots them all. I no itchedy anymore!

THEN I gots some chicken! it was gud! chomp chomp chomp! Now I am waying in my crate sweeping. I have had a busy day!

☺ Colossus ☺

Friday, September 24, 2010

Tomorrow, You're only a day away!

Tomorrow, bright and early... at 7 in the morning, the family is traveling to Alabama to get my brofur!!!! :D Can't believe it's almost time!!!! We're all set. He's got his own crate (I'm NOT sharing mine! BOL) He's got TWO collars.. one for now, and one to grow into. (I got a new collar too.. BOL! Momma said it wasn't fair for him to get something and not me) He's got TONS of brand new toys (which, I also got some, again, not fair if I didn't.. although I haven't been allowed to play with them yet.. momma said I have to wait til he gets here) He even has a new food bowl (for the chicken wings to go into.. not that momma expects that he'll KEEP them in the bowl.. I never did.. BOL!

Just so excited.. Momma doesn't think she'll sleep a wink tonight. :D

**Can't wait to be a big sisfur**

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Extreme Make-Over Doghouse Eddition

Momma left the tv on yesterday while they were at my skin brothers' tae kwon do tournament. She usually does this when she knows they are going to be gone for more then 2 hours. She thinks it makes it so that I won't feel too alone. But sometimes I wish she'd leave the controller where I could reach it. *sighs*

Well, yesterday she left it on a channel that was running the show "Extreme Make-Over Home Edition" marathon or something, because it was on ALL DAY.

So, while I'm laying in my crate watching the show, in between sleeping and chewing on my kong, I thought how it would be like if they had it for us pups?

Can you even imagine? Think about it. Walk into the room and the first thing you smell is the bacon wall paper. It smells so good, and tastes even better! In the living room would be enough couches to invite all of your pup friends over. And no worries about getting fur or scratches on the couches, they are lumpy and comfortable, just for us! TV's hooked up to Animal planet and even special channels just for us pups! We can watch dogs running in the park or peeing on fire hydrants or cats getting scared and falling off things (that's one of my favorite things to watch.. BOL! Gotta love Cats falling off things.. bol!)

Next would be the workout/play room. On those rainy days when you can't get out to play, would be the room you'd go into to get your daily exercise. A treadmill facing a giant screen. When you run, the screen comes on and it looks like you are running through fields. A tennis ball thrower that automatically shoots a ball out for you to chase. Maybe even a little pool to take a swim in, if you like that sort of thing.

And what's a dog house without a dog kitchen?? Lazy Susanns throughout for easy access to all your treats and food. water fountain that always shoots out pure, cool water. At the push of a button, a new kong filled with treats comes out of the wall.

Of course, after planning out this GREAT house, I realized that it was lacking the things I really love. My family. And while, we don't have the fancy things I've listed, I think that our house is just fine. Because it's not just a house.. it's our home.

**Not a tv star or a builder, just happy to be me**

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Case of the Missing Crate

At 7am I was let out of my bedroom (Crate) for the day. I'm only in my crate A) at night B) when the family is gone for more then an hour or C) when I want to go in to have "alone time".

Back to the mystery

So, I go to the door to go potty, and Momma hooks the tether on to my collar. YAY!!! This means I get to spend more then potty time outside! :D So, I'm playing.. chasing bird shadows on the ground, chewing and licking at the kong momma threw out to me. Ate my meal of Chicken quarters with beef kidney and chicken livers. Took a couple of small cat naps. Played with my brothers when they came outside to play. Licked my baby brother to help him with his popsicle. Played a bit with momma when she came out to give me my daily brush down. Took a couple more naps. "Today is GREAT! I was thinking to myself. Momma has left me out a long time! Granted, she came out to check on me, make sure I wasn't too hot, hadn't knocked my bucket of cool water over, to play with me and such.. but she's NEVER left me out that long before. I was loving it! :D

Well, when it was time to come in, I dashed in the door and went right for my crate where I had tucked a bully stick for safe keeping... and almost ran into the wall! :-O Where's My Crate?!?!?! It was gone!!!!! what?? Why???

Upon standing in the middle of the room and looking around, I noticed that EVERYTHING was moved around. Nothing was where it was suppose to be!!! After sniffing around, I found where my crate was... Right next to Momma's spot on the couch! Whew! A sigh of relief! I could still see the TV, and now I could even see out the window!

I was so embarrassed almost running into the wall where my crate use to be though.. Momma could tell by the way I hung my head and looked up at her from the corner of my eyes.. BOL! Next time I'll have to actually LOOK where I'm going..

I AM kinda upset because Momma washed my 2 blankets. :( I had them positioned just where I wanted them and they smelled like me.. and now I gotta redo them.

So, Mystery solved and that's where I was all day yesterday! :D

**Sherlock Husky**

Friday, September 17, 2010

Chickens are NOT a safe food!!!!

So, while Raw is a perfectly healthy diet for me, turns out, it's NOT a safe thing for momma...

That is a pic of my momma's foot... AFTER a whole frozen chicken fell on it. She was getting it out to thaw for my meal the next day, and it slipped outta her hand. OUCHIE!!

Black and Blue and Swollen.. and hurts she says.. :( Poor momma!

Now it looks like this..
I'm making sure she's ok.. awwww, I know, I'm such a sweet baby girl! :D
 She's trying to stay off of it as much as possible.
So, Beware, cause chickens may not fly far, but they do fall fast!

**Going to eat the chicken for revenge!!!**

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A New Brofur!!!!!!!!

OMD, Momma and Daddy informed our family last night that we are getting a new brofur!

 We can't go get him til the 25th, cause he's still really young, but we are all so excited! :D And he's so cute! I'll update as soon as he gets here! :D

**New Big Sisfur**

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Silence = Slippery Floors

My human brothers were not home today. All three of them were at a friend's house who have kids the same ages as my brothers. It was really quiet today. I laid around a lot, but momma took the time to clean the floors because it was quiet and noone running around.

We have polished concrete floors. Everywhere. There is a really thick brown rug in the living room, and the boys have this.. foam padding in their room (Momma says to say it's like what gymnastic and tae kwon do places use.. because that's where she got the idea from.. BOL!). That way they can play and not get hurt. Other then that.. it's all polished concrete.

So, momma decides while she's got "quiet" time she's going to get on hands and knees and scrub the floors. And they looked GREAT... except that when I went to the door to let her know I had to go potty, I was slipping and sliding everywhere! Oh My Dawg.. it was like ice!!!

THEN, to top it off.. MOMMA slipped! caught her elbow on the counter when she went down too!

So, I've come to the conclusion that when it's quiet in the house.. the floors get slippery. Not so sure it's worth it. BOL!

**Missing the chaos I call my brothers**

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bad Girl, Bad Girl.. Whatcha going to do? Whatcha going to- do when they come for you?

COPS: Mississippi episode

Ok, so I wasn't on the show Cops, but the cops did come to the house today! :-O Yup.. the cops.. at my house... BECAUSE OF ME!!! Here's how it all went down..

So, I'm on my tether in the back yard minding my own business. Usually momma is out with me when I'm playing, but it's not too hot out, there isn't anything for me to get tangled up in, and I was just laying there chewing on my kong anyway, so momma decided to clean the kitchen while I played. The brothers were playing in their room, momma was doing the dishes and I could see her through the window. Poor Momma stuck in the house when it's soooo nice outside. *snickers to myself* I continue to chew on my kong, when this black and white SUV pulls up in front of the house. If I lean, I can see the SUV and a woman gets out of the truck. She walks to the side of the house and is looking at me. I thought about just ignoring her, but what kinda watch dog would I be if I did that?

I stand up, and not being much of a barker, just gave a low woof. She went back around the house, so I figured my job was done. I go back, lay back down and continue to get the yumminess out of my kong.

Next thing I know, momma comes out the back door, and that lady is following her. Momma calls the lady "officer" and explains how I came to live with them. I stand back up to show "officer" how pretty I am. Turn this way, then that. Showing off my good side. Momma asks "officer" if she needs to see my vet records and signed statement. The officer tells her no, that I look good and to have a nice day. I'm confused and tilt my head to look at Momma. She chuckles and gives me a hug.

Turns out that there is a farm a couple roads down. The farm has goats and ducks and geese and chickens and all kinds of little petting zoo type animals. Well, the past couple of nights, two dogs matching my description have gotten onto the farm and KILLED some of the animals!!! :-O And "officer" was driving by, saw me laying in the grass and thought I was one of them!!!! ME! I know I eat raw, but I wouldn't hurt another animal!

It's all cleared up now, but it kinda scared momma at first when "officer" knocked on the door and asked "is that your dog?" BOL! She thought one of the neighbors called and complained about something... complained about what I have no idea.. out of all the pups running loose around here I'm the least of anyone's worries.. BOL!

**Not an Indian Outlaw.. or Any Outlaw for that matter**

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Kitchen is a swimming pool!!!!

So, we have this dishwasher thingy that the humans put dishes in. Perfectly good dishes with nice smells and left over yummies get put into it and a little while later they come out with nothing on them. Stupid machine I think, but they don't ask me my opinion. I think could do a MUCH better job, but oh well.

Anyway, the dishwasher rolls. And hooks up to the sink. "Portable" dishwasher is what momma calls it. 

Well, tonight, momma hooked it up, started it going and then went to play some on the computer. I go on into the kitchen and notice that the dishwasher is Peeing on the floor!!! In my house! How dare it not scratch at the door to go potty! 

Now, I'm upset because all this time Momma has told me that it is not good to pee in the house, yet here is this dishwasher doing that exact thing! Now, I was pretty convinced that it was housebroken, because it's never done this before.. maybe it's too old to let us know? Maybe momma needs to get some wee-wee pads... 

Ok, I am rambling.. let me get back to the story. So, the dishwasher is peeing all over the floor. And it just keeps coming! I'm thinking the dishwasher has been holding it for a LONG time, cause now the floor is ALL wet and well, it's STILL coming! Doesn't smell like pee.. smells like bath water! Kinda soapy. Well, I think, If Momma comes in and sees the dishwasher is going potty on the floor, she's going to be mad! So I try to lay in it in case she decides to come into the kitchen for something. 

She doesn't.. I finally get tired of laying in the water, and decide that since I don't get to lick the yummy food off the dishes, I'm going to get the dishwasher in trouble on second thought. So I come to her.

Momma: " Tiki, why are you all wet??"

She gets up and goes into the kitchen when she proceeds to say things that a proper dog should NEVER say, and then she's yelling "No! Wet Dog Smell!!" 

** Looks around ** I don't think she's talking about me... 

So, now the kitchen floor is all clean, and momma keeps making the "bath" face at me.. scrunching her nose up and grimacing.. *sigh*

~ She who doesn't make a very good mop

Friday, April 30, 2010

My Life a Year Ago...

This is the story, of how I, Tiki, Came to Be... A year ago...
The first thing I remember seeing was my mother. She was beautiful. Brown and tan, with big brown eyes. She looked at me so lovingly. Over the next couple of weeks me and my brothers and sisters all started romping around. Then, one by one my brothers and sisters started to leave. My mother was sad, but told me that this happened every time she had pups. Soon it was just me and my brother. This family came and stopped near our pen. They had an interesting smell. There were two boys and a girl with this family. The wife and husband kept arguing about something and the older boy kept poking at me and my brother with a stick. I didn't like him. Soon, the husband picked me up and turned me all around. I was then put into a box and it got dark in there. I was scared and wanted my mother and brother. I over heard the wife tell the kids that I was only 5 weeks old, and because of that they'd gotten "a great deal". Not to mention that I was a mixed breed. I didn't understand what was being said, I just knew that it was dark, I was being bumped around in this box thingy and I was alone.

Soon the bumping stopped and I felt the box being lifted out. Then it got really bright as the husband opened the top and let me out of the box. It smelled funny... AND it smelled like another dog. Pretty soon I saw him. He was a min pin and he smelled older but, he was my size! Someone to play with! I bounded over to him, but he snapped at me! He wasn't nice at all. Kinda grouchy.

After a week at my new home, the husband and wife put me outside. Something about me peeing in the house too much and "didn't have no time for that crap". I huddled outside the front door all night. It was chilly and it was so big out here! Where was my mother? Why wasn't that mean snappy dog out here too?

I got hungry and cold. My whole body was shivering. The wife would throw me scraps sometimes, and I'd gobble them up. Sometimes I wasn't fast enough and the mean snappy dog would run to them first, or the big neighborhood dogs would come around. They were scary cause they were much bigger then I was. My tummy started to ache from eating all the greasy scraps of bacon and such.

Then I noticed this lady who lived in the duplex building next door. I started following her around when she'd be outside taking the trash out. She smelled good. She didn't have a dog smell, but she did smell like kids. Wasn't sure if her kids were nice or not though. The kids with the husband and wife were not nice. They chased me and yelled at me. One time the older boy threw a rock at me and told me to "get outta here!". I wasn't sure if I liked kids or not... They'd throw shoes and chase me with sticks.

Soon the nice lady started petting me and telling me how beautiful I was. I heard her say "so thin" under her breath as she ran her hands down my sides. Just then the wife came outside to yell at one of the boys. The nice lady picked me up and brought me over to her. "
She's so pretty" said the nice lady. "yup, bought her for my mother in law, but she don't want a dog, so now she's the kids' dog" said the wife. The nice lady handed me over to the wife, who put me back down on the ground. The nice lady looked at me sadly, then at the wife and went to her house. I think she felt bad, because she'd seen how they were treating me. But I didn't know any different. I only knew what I'd witnessed being with my mother and then here with the husband and wife and their kids.
When the wife went back into their house, I turned and ran for the nice lady's house. I had been at my new house for two whole weeks, one of which was spent outside the entire time. I curled up next to the nice lady's back door and went to sleep.

Over the next couple of days the nice lady put out bowls of food. It was sooo good, and I was so hungry I'd gobble it right up. She'd sit outside and pet me talking about how pretty I was. Even her boys would pet me. The husband and wife's kids would come over, saying I was their dog, and the nice lady would say that she knew. Then she'd continue to pet me. One day I was laying in the shade of the nice lady's back door, when the husband and wife's oldest boy came over. He started yelling at me that I was his dog and to get in his hard, and then he hit me with a stick! The back door came flying open and the nice lady was standing there. "
Don't you dare hit that puppy again". She didn't sound like the nice lady.. she sounded mean. The boy looked at her and said "she's my puppy". " the nice lady said "I know she's your puppy, but you shouldn't hit her at all, let alone with a stick." The boy left. The nice lady sat down and called me to her lap. I shyly went over and put my head on her leg. She checked me over to make sure I was ok. " So Young, yet you've had a difficult life
" she said softly as she stroked my head. She sounded like she wanted to cry. I sighed and closed my eyes to let her know that I was ok, and she would be too.

Another week passed. It rained that entire week. I was wet and cold. I tried to go into the husband and wife's house to stay dry and warm like the mean snappy dog did, but they kept kicking me back outside. I ended up back at the nice lady's back door. If I huddled up to the door, the rain didn't get me as bad. The nice lady noticed me huddling there, and a little while later there was a blue plastic box, tipped over on it's side to make a little den with a roof and walls to keep the rain out. It had a nice warm blanket and towel and a small bowl of food set up for me. She kept saying that she wished she could let me in, but that I wasn't her dog, I was the neighbor's dog and she didn't want to get in trouble or make them mad if she brought me into her house. I curled up in the box and tried to go to sleep. Every so often I'd open my eyes and look up into the door's window to see the nice lady watching me.

The next morning, after another bowl of what the nice lady called "blue buffalo" (which I didn't understand because it wasn't blue at all) she picked me up and took me back over to the husband and wife's house. I started getting nervous that she was going to make me stay there. The wife answered the door.
You know that it's been raining the past couple of days?" ~ Nice lady
Yeah" ~ Wife
You know that your puppy has been sleeping on my back step?" ~ Nice lady
We were hoping she'd just run away" ~ Wife
"What?!" ~ Nice Lady
"She kept peeing and pooping in the house, and ate more food then we thought she would" ~ Wife
"So you just put her outside and hoped she'd run away?" ~ Nice Lady sounding irritated.
"That was the plan." ~ Wife
"Were you feeding her anything?"~ Nice Lady
"At first I'd throw some bacon grease and scraps to her cause I felt bad, but then I realized that she wasn't going to go away so I stopped. Do you want her?" ~ Wife

At this point the nice lady put me down and told the wife she'd be back in a little bit. She went into her house, and then got in her van and drove away. The wife had gone back into her house, so I went back to my back step (being at the nice lady's back door of course) to take a nap. It was early evening when the nice lady came back. She didn't even stop to say hello to me. She went right over to the wife's house and knocked on the door. I followed her over. The wife opened the door and the nice lady handed her a piece of paper.

"I want you to sign this stating that you are giving me the puppy. That way she will officially be mine." the nice lady said. The wife said that wasn't necessary but the nice lady insisted. I later found out that the nice lady wanted her to sign it, so that later they couldn't come and try to take me back, saying I was still theirs. The wife told the nice lady that I was part German shepherd, and Siberian husky. That I was now 8 weeks old because I was born March 30th. That was about all the wife could tell the nice lady about me. She didn't even tell her if I had a name. 

The wife signed the paper, and the nice lady picked me up and left, finally taking me into her house. It smelled nice. And three little boys came running up to see me. The same nice boys who would pet me when I was outside. The nice lady started saying that it took so long, because she had to go get some things for me before I could come into the house.
The nice lady put me into this white tub thing and sprayed water on me. Then she put this smelly stuff that smelled like trees on me. She said it was a flea killer. It would help me stop itching she said. Then she put a really cute pink collar on me. It had a tag on it. The tag had a name on it: "Mystique" and a home phone number. Wait... a HOME phone number? Was THIS truly my home? A warm cozy place where I had my own warm bed in my own comfy crate? Where I didn't itch from fleas and my belly was full of good food? Where I'd be taken to the vet when I was sick and for check ups to make sure I didn't get sick? Where three boys would pet and play with me and not throw rocks or hit me with sticks? Where I didn't feel lonely or worried that at any minute I'd be thrown outside to fend for myself. A Momma and a Daddy and THREE human brothers that loved me.. yes, I think I was finally home.

I've been in my forever home for almost a year (come May 27th). I now live what I consider the perfect life. Eating Raw, playing with my brothers (both the human and the kitty kinds), chewing and destroying stuffed toys, taking car rides and going to grandma's house to play! And I only had one accident since living here.. and guess what, I didn't even get spanked! Momma just said "next time we'll get to the door faster" as she cleaned it up. That was the first week I was home. 

I know that there are other pups who have had it worse in life, and that my story is one of many. Born into a Back Yard Breeders life, bought by people who didn't really want me, then finally rescued and adopted by my real family. I am finally part of a real family. And it's good to be home.

P.S~ On a side note the husband, wife, kids and mean snappy dog got another dog, and ended up moving 3 months after my momma got me. We haven't heard or seen from them since. Momma says a small prayer for the pups that they have, that they are treated better then I was.

**In My FOREVER Home**
 Me Now

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Sky is Falling! The Sky is Falling!

It snowed the other day! At least, that's what Momma called it. All I know is that I LOVED it! I didn't want to come back inside! BOL Thankfully Momma was a good sport, and put more layers of clothes on so that I could play more in it. It just kept falling from the sky. It was nice and cold,and when I'd catch it in my mouth.. It was Gone! I tried my hardest, but I couldn't catch them all. Momma realized too late that it was make for some cute pictures though :( I TOLD her maybe next time, but she says it doesn't snow too often here. *darn* So when I woke up ready to go play in it again, I literally STOPPED in the middle of a run when it wasn't there anymore! Momma actually almost fell on me and luckly caught my chicken (good thing, I love me my chicken) I stopped so fast. BOL I looked back at Momma and then sniffed around.. then looked back at Momma. She told me that SHE didn't do anything with it.. but I'm still wondering. She didn't seem to like it that much.. I'm wondering if she used that HORRIBLE vaccume thing on it while I was sleeping. *hrmm*

In other news, I can now open the fridge! :) I'm so proud of myself, but Momma and Daddy aren't too happy. They are talking about getting a "baby proof" fridge lock. I'm Not a baby anymore! *grump* I thought it was neat, cause now I don't have to wait on Momma.. I can get my own food! BOL! But, Momma doesn't seem too impressed... Maybe if I show her I can get the dishes on the counter, she'll see I'm a big girl now??

**I'm a Big Kid Dog Now! **

Friday, January 1, 2010

Here I Am World!!!!!!

My full name is Raven Mystique 'Tiki' Beals. But ya'll can call me just Tiki. :D  I came to my home in May of 2009.  Momma had actually been writing me a blog type thing on Dogster, but I kept telling her all the cool pups have REAL Blogs... so she's transferring all my writings over to here. Even though it says this blog was started in May of 2011, she's back dating my posts to the actual date that we first wrote them. :)    Enjoy!

**Ready for my world debut! **