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Friday, September 24, 2010

Tomorrow, You're only a day away!

Tomorrow, bright and early... at 7 in the morning, the family is traveling to Alabama to get my brofur!!!! :D Can't believe it's almost time!!!! We're all set. He's got his own crate (I'm NOT sharing mine! BOL) He's got TWO collars.. one for now, and one to grow into. (I got a new collar too.. BOL! Momma said it wasn't fair for him to get something and not me) He's got TONS of brand new toys (which, I also got some, again, not fair if I didn't.. although I haven't been allowed to play with them yet.. momma said I have to wait til he gets here) He even has a new food bowl (for the chicken wings to go into.. not that momma expects that he'll KEEP them in the bowl.. I never did.. BOL!

Just so excited.. Momma doesn't think she'll sleep a wink tonight. :D

**Can't wait to be a big sisfur**

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