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Saturday, October 20, 2012

First EVER Barktoberfest in Tupelo!!!

Oh My Dog! Not only do we have a new dog park.. they hosted the very first ever Barktoberfest! Right here in Tupelo! I was so excited to go!  So, Momma, My older human brother RW and I went out to the Bark Park and had a lot of fun. There were a lot of tents set up with all kinds of cool information and even some really yummy smelling things. And other dogs! There were a lot of really friendly pups there! 

Me checking out all the sights. 

My silly human brofur, RW holding our "door prizes"

Why am I still on this leash? Usually you let me run free here! 

You seriously want me to go through this thing? I don't think so.. 

Meeting a nice lady from the Tupelo animal hospital.

Me laying in a shady spot meeting another pup

This cutie was only a couple months old! 

Such a pretty girl!

This was my pal. We kept bumping into each other, and we both really wanted to play! 

This sweet girl is a husky mix.. and she looks a LOT like me!! 

A lot of pups wore costumes, he was one of them. 

checking out the microchiping tent. I already have one, but it was good to know they had it there

This girl had on such a cute lil dress!

Checking out the girl pup in the cute dress... not to worry.. I'm fixed! BOL! 

I had to laugh.. this pup had his owner all tied up! BOL! 

Momma and RW loved this pup..he came as the Chik-Fil-A Cow! 

I'm not sure why they were letting these mini horses in.. I thought it was a DOG park.. oh well, they were really friendly. :D 

I smell treats in these bags!! 

Checking out pups!

Another pretty GSD

This one had to have won best costume.. BOL! What a great sport that poodle was to be dyed like that! 

Hey Momma! They have drinks and food in here! 

Can't wait til Next Year!!