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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Howloween Fun!

So, this year Momma is making me dress up as a maid.. you saw the pic.. but here it is again...

Well, I gets to be a gweat Ninja Pup! 

This is going to be a great Howloween!!!! :D

~Tiki & Colossus

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Clean as a Whistle **woot woot**

Need something dusted?

BOL! So, momma found a Howlween costume that actually fits me. And it's cute! The only problem is that now I think she is expecting me to help out with the chores around the house!!!! 

You want me to do what??

Well, I don't think so! 

Nope, Not going to do it


**Not The Hired Help**

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Da Couch be a wong way from da fwoor

I be spendin a wot of time on da couch. Tiki a widdle jellolous because she doesnt get to, but I am smaw so it's wike an escapy pwace. 

Wast night, I tried to be a big boy and get down aw by myself. :( It didn't turn out da way it was pose to. Did you know that da couch is much higher den it wooks?

I jump! Wheee fying drew da air! I super Cowossus! Den, all a sudden, fwoor jumped higher and I crash wanded. oof 

Big owwies on my weft back weg. No broken, just wimpy when I wawk. All wast night I make it seem worse den weally is. Gets wots of hugs and cuddles from Momma.

This morning, no more wimpy when I wawk. Doesn't hurt wike wast night. Tiki said "Good Thing! Have to go to Docfur if it wasn't better!" 0_o Docfur?? Dat don't sound fun at all.

Me better, me better!!! See? Weg feel just fine! 

☺ Colossus ☺

P.S~ Momma say she going to keep an eye on me anyway, to make sure no Docfur is needed. :(

Monday, October 11, 2010

My Dog is Bigger then Your Dog..

So, as most of you Dogster pups know, right now is the 6th annual Coolest Dog Contest. This is our first year doing it. We were members of Dogster last year, but we weren't active (didn't have the net at the time). So we are all new to this.

From what I can see, it's basically looking like a "my dog is more popular then your dog, my dog's bigger then yours" type of thing. Which is sad. I'm hearing that last year they were awarding zealies to people who voted, which I think is awesome, because then pups will vote for lots of other pups, even if they don't know them. But, with no incentive it's going to be harder for some pups who don't have a lot of pals. I'm not sure WHY HQ isn't giving zealies away this year. I think that was pretty cool of them last year, especially since Christmas is coming up, and some non-plus members really could use them for gifts... And it's not like it costs HQ anything for them... *shrugs*

ANYWAY... I wanted to post this...

Vote For Tiki!

And say that while you are voting for me (hopefully!) would you go around looking at other pups picture and vote for them too? Even if you don't get anything for it, I'm sure they would appreciate it a great deal. :) Thanks!!!!

**Miss Not-So-Popular**


Monday, October 4, 2010

Hot Dawg, it's Cold outside!

Oh, yes, I'm loving it outside. So much, that I don't wanna go in the house! BOL! It is 10am.. and the guy on the weather show on the box that has pictures says that it's 54* outside! And it's sunny! My kind of day for sure. Just wish my tether was a little longer. I keep throwing my toys outta range. BOL!

Speaking of toys.. the nasty little neighbor's dog stole another of my toys yesterday. grrrrrr... That dog is so mean. But, when he wasn't looking, Colossus trotted right over and took it back! BOL!! He's not on a leash or tether yet, cause he pretty much stays near me or momma. Well, the neighbor's dog took my toy, and put it just outta my reach. He's ALWAYS teasing me like that. Well, Colossus trotted over, took it back and came back. He did start chewing on it, and didn't actually give it back to ME, but at least it's back in our yard again. :)

And yes, Colossus *blush* pee'd on me. :-/ It wasn't like, a lot.. only a few drops if that.. but still! I was so embarrassed! And Momma just laughed! He better watch it though.. cause he's still small enough that I could pee on HIM if I really wanted to ;) BOL! But I won't.. cause I'm sophisticated and all that. :D

**enjoying the cool weather and being dry**


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Was I not pose to do dat?

So, my big sisfur Tiki has been teaching me wots of dings. I haven't had dat many accidents in da house (just when Momma doesn't realize it in time). She has showed me how to go out into da yard to make tinkles. I'm vewy good at dis... Anytime I go out, da first ding I do is tinkle.

Now, dere are some oder dogs near where we wive. Dey dont seem too nice, but Tiki been protectin me, Cowossus, her widdle brofur. To show her dat I dink she be the greatest big sisfur ever, and to wet da oder doggies know she be MINE, I wifted my weg and tinkled on Tiki's weg.

She was NOT a happy big sisfur. Momma waughed dough, and said I be da funniest pup ever! Tiki, on da oder paw, gave me "Da Wook" dat tol me I better NOT tinkle on her eber again!

☺ Colossus ☺

Friday, October 1, 2010

My new life as a big Sisfur

I've had brothers for as long as I can remember. THREE of them.

RW is 7

IC is 5

AJ is 2 (I usually call him my baby brother even though he's older then me by a year)

They are my human brothers though. LOVE them, but sometimes it got lonely being the only fur. Sure, there's the kitty krew, but they never want to play. All they do is sleep or run away when I come into the room.

Well, my life turned in a 180* direction last week. ALMOST a week ago.. tomorrow marks a week to be exact.

This bundle of soft fur came home with the family after they went on a trip. Momma had been telling me for two whole weeks that I was getting a new brofur, but I honestly have NO idea what she was talking about. Til now.. bol!
Momma came into the house and my tail was wagging, cause I had missed them! then I noticed she had a dog bedroom like mine, but much smaller. I started to sniff it, when something inside it MOVED! I jumped back! Went back to sniff some more and this little bark came outta it! Then this little black nose poked right up to the door of the crate. IT started sniffing at ME!

After lots of sniffing, Momma opened the door of the crate. A little black and white head poked out. It looked like a mini dog! I've never seen one so small! and he wasn't mean like the neighbor dog.. he didn't bark or snap at me. We sniffed each other and I pushed him around with my head (you know, just to let him know that I am nice, but this is MY house and MY rules).

Momma put my leash on me, and led us both outside. I showed my new brofur where the best spots were for sniffing, and then I went potty.. and guess what?? He did too! I taught him something! :D Momma was so happy.

I'm liking having him around. Momma takes us outside about every 2-3 hours!!! She hasn't done that since I was little! :D I also seem to be getting more treats, because Colossus (that's my new brofur's name) eats more times in the day then I do.. and Momma doesn't want to make it seem like I'm not important anymore. So every time HE gets a meal, I get a chicken foot! :D YUM!

The only thing I don't like, is at night. I don't sleep in my crate bedroom anymore, but Colossus sleeps in his. Sometimes he whines. Momma said to ignore him, because if we don't, he won't learn to stop. So, instead of laying on the living room floor like I use to, I've been sleeping in the brothers' room. (Sometimes in AJ's bed with him.. I'm not suppose to though! :D ) The good thing is, he doesn't seem to do it as much anymore. :D Momma says I use to whine too, but I don't remember that.. I must have only done it when I was little like him. now, I like my crate bedroom. :D

So, I'm liking having a little brofur. Can't wait til he's a little bigger though.. it's hard playing with him when he's so little! BOL! :D

**Best Big Sisfur Ever**