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Thursday, December 13, 2012

I'm a Super-Star! I'm Famous! I'm..

Ok, so I'm totally not famous... but I CAN be a super-star! Why? Because this morning Momma found out that I am in a published book!  That's right! She went to check the mail and found a package from Ms. Paris of DogTipper, Momma didn't remember signing up for any contests recently, because we've just been so busy, so she was really surprised to find that package. She opened it up and this was what was inside..

This is the book! 

"Wow!" Momma thought. "What a cool prize!" Then she opened up the book and found a Christmas Card. It is a really pretty one, with DogTipper's Tiki & Iria on the front. Here... I'll show you!

The front of the card

Isn't that the prettiest Christmas Card? Well, then Momma thought "Wow.. must be a Christmas present" and started to feel sad because she wasn't expecting it, and hadn't even gotten around to sending out our Christmas cards, let alone any presents!  But, then she opened the card up, and read what was inside! 

"Dear Heather, Many Thanks for your contribution to our new cookbook! Happy Holidays to you all! Paris"

OMD! Momma couldn't believe what she read! She quickly flipped through the book.. and there I was!! I was on page 123!! 

There I am!! And that is the recipe we shared! 

Momma had forgotten all about sharing our favorite recipe with DogTipper! And now, there it was! In a Real Published Book! 

That is so right.. we do love our treats!

Momma was so excited that she first texted Daddy, since he was at work, cause she wanted to tell everyone she knew, and he was (of course) first on the list! BOL! Then she started snapping all kinds of pictures to share with all of our family and friends! 

I'm licking my lips, because I know that we are going to be trying ALL of the recipes that are in the book! 

This was so exciting to find out! We hope that you buy a copy.. not just because I'm in it (although that is a GREAT reason BOL!) , but because there are a lot of great recipes from other DogTipper fans and they all look amazing! 

Homemade treats are always the best, because you don't have to worry about where they've come from, or if there is a recall or if they are safe for your pups. And now, with this handy new book, you don't have to worry about trying to find a good recipe  :-) 

You can find the book here: Order this amazing book! 

Also, Check out DogTipper.. they always have amazing tips for healthy, happy living with your pups. (They even have a cat version for the feline fans.. CatTipper

This was such a great surprise! Lets go to the kitchen Momma! There are treats that need to be made!! 

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Christmas Parade!

I got to be in the Christmas parade!!! The Bark Park had a spot, and invited all the regulars to attend. It was so fun! I was a reindeer  and had a little sidecar that had a stuffed pup with a Santa hat BOL! 
Lounging around waiting for it to begin

Got any treats Momma?

This poodle was dyed to look like he was wearing a Santa Suite! BOL

Loved the sweater on this pup.. but it was like, 80* outside.. They just don't make cute Christmas outfits that are for warm weather. 

Ms. Summer was wearing a full dog costume! BOL!! She was dying of heat by the end of the parade.. poor girl! 

Two cute pups 

The big pup of the two was just talking, talking, talking to everyone! BOL! 

Got tired and laid down while waiting

So did they :) 

So Much Attention! GAH!! I'm loving all this!! I may be getting a huge head from all the attention!! 

Laying down in the middle of the road during a stop in the parade. So many people wanting to pet me.. I was running back and forth across the street.. BOL! 

Our group of great people and dogs :) 

Even the Grinch had his pup with him!! 

~ Magneto