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Monday, October 11, 2010

My Dog is Bigger then Your Dog..

So, as most of you Dogster pups know, right now is the 6th annual Coolest Dog Contest. This is our first year doing it. We were members of Dogster last year, but we weren't active (didn't have the net at the time). So we are all new to this.

From what I can see, it's basically looking like a "my dog is more popular then your dog, my dog's bigger then yours" type of thing. Which is sad. I'm hearing that last year they were awarding zealies to people who voted, which I think is awesome, because then pups will vote for lots of other pups, even if they don't know them. But, with no incentive it's going to be harder for some pups who don't have a lot of pals. I'm not sure WHY HQ isn't giving zealies away this year. I think that was pretty cool of them last year, especially since Christmas is coming up, and some non-plus members really could use them for gifts... And it's not like it costs HQ anything for them... *shrugs*

ANYWAY... I wanted to post this...

Vote For Tiki!

And say that while you are voting for me (hopefully!) would you go around looking at other pups picture and vote for them too? Even if you don't get anything for it, I'm sure they would appreciate it a great deal. :) Thanks!!!!

**Miss Not-So-Popular**


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