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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Da Couch be a wong way from da fwoor

I be spendin a wot of time on da couch. Tiki a widdle jellolous because she doesnt get to, but I am smaw so it's wike an escapy pwace. 

Wast night, I tried to be a big boy and get down aw by myself. :( It didn't turn out da way it was pose to. Did you know that da couch is much higher den it wooks?

I jump! Wheee fying drew da air! I super Cowossus! Den, all a sudden, fwoor jumped higher and I crash wanded. oof 

Big owwies on my weft back weg. No broken, just wimpy when I wawk. All wast night I make it seem worse den weally is. Gets wots of hugs and cuddles from Momma.

This morning, no more wimpy when I wawk. Doesn't hurt wike wast night. Tiki said "Good Thing! Have to go to Docfur if it wasn't better!" 0_o Docfur?? Dat don't sound fun at all.

Me better, me better!!! See? Weg feel just fine! 

☺ Colossus ☺

P.S~ Momma say she going to keep an eye on me anyway, to make sure no Docfur is needed. :(

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