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Friday, December 16, 2011

Sadden to hear of the Fire at the Houston Pittie Pack House

We didn't know this family of rescues, but it still breaks our heart to hear about their story. 

This is about the Houston Pittie Pack. It seems that their house caught on fire and was literally destroyed.  The humans of the family were able to escape, Thank God.  They lost everything except what they were wearing when they escaped. No time to grab anything. A couple neighbors helped with diapers for the human baby, and some food for the dogs that made it...

Which is where it gets even more heart breaking.  The Pittie Pack lost five of their seven rescue Pit Bulls.  As a a family with rescued pups, we were saddened beyond belief to hear of their loss. Momma still can't think of their loss, without tears coming to her eyes and giving Colossus and I extra hugs. 
This all a week before Christmas. Of all the times... a time to be celebrating and being joyful and happy.. and it's full of sadness for this family. But, Not surprising in the least,  the dog blogging community is rallying.  This chip-in has been created by a very reliable source and will appear on a number of blogs.  All of the money will go to the family to help them buy the basics they need over the next few days.  If you are able, please click this link and help a fellow rescuer.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family. 

~ Tiki, Colossus & Momma Heather