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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Eating Turkey Day!

err.. Happy Thanksgiving we mean! :D Sorry, we kinda get distracted with all the GREAT smells that come outta the kitchen this time of year. :D  And this year, we got to help, didn't we Colossus! :D 

Yes we did Tiki! Gots to hewp wif aw da good stuffs!

Dis is me making sure da food tastes awright fur da family :D

And I got to help with the Thanksgiving Dinner! We had a HUGE feast! All the trimmings and a HUGE turkey! It was GREAT! 

Here I am about to start cooking!

We (along with our human brothers) got to learn all about how the Pilgrims came and the Indians welcomed them, and they all gave thanks. It was a great story, and it was nice learning about the country's history and why we eat all the yummy foods we do. :)

I gots to dwess up wike an Indian Chief.  Chief Cowossus Da Gweat!

And I am an Indian Princess

We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!!

~ Tiki & Colossus

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dere's a Monser in my house!

Seaweiswy! Dere is a monser in my house! It is cawed a Bissew. It is SCARWY!! It makes grumbwing noises and it is woud!!!! Momma fights wiff it too. She pushes it away, and it puws back.. aw across the wiving room fwoor!

I do NOT wike the Bissew Monser.