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Saturday, September 25, 2010

I'm Home! I'm Home!

My fambly came and gots me today! It was a wong dwive home, but I was such a good boy my momma said. :D MY momma! I wike the sound of dat! My big sisfur Tiki was so nice to me when I came home too. She sniffted me and then wagged her tail and has been weewey gentle wiff me.

I gots a baff! I did NOT wike that one bit! Momma said I gots some fees and that is why I was a widdle itchedy, but she said she gots them all. I no itchedy anymore!

THEN I gots some chicken! it was gud! chomp chomp chomp! Now I am waying in my crate sweeping. I have had a busy day!

☺ Colossus ☺

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