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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Extreme Make-Over Doghouse Eddition

Momma left the tv on yesterday while they were at my skin brothers' tae kwon do tournament. She usually does this when she knows they are going to be gone for more then 2 hours. She thinks it makes it so that I won't feel too alone. But sometimes I wish she'd leave the controller where I could reach it. *sighs*

Well, yesterday she left it on a channel that was running the show "Extreme Make-Over Home Edition" marathon or something, because it was on ALL DAY.

So, while I'm laying in my crate watching the show, in between sleeping and chewing on my kong, I thought how it would be like if they had it for us pups?

Can you even imagine? Think about it. Walk into the room and the first thing you smell is the bacon wall paper. It smells so good, and tastes even better! In the living room would be enough couches to invite all of your pup friends over. And no worries about getting fur or scratches on the couches, they are lumpy and comfortable, just for us! TV's hooked up to Animal planet and even special channels just for us pups! We can watch dogs running in the park or peeing on fire hydrants or cats getting scared and falling off things (that's one of my favorite things to watch.. BOL! Gotta love Cats falling off things.. bol!)

Next would be the workout/play room. On those rainy days when you can't get out to play, would be the room you'd go into to get your daily exercise. A treadmill facing a giant screen. When you run, the screen comes on and it looks like you are running through fields. A tennis ball thrower that automatically shoots a ball out for you to chase. Maybe even a little pool to take a swim in, if you like that sort of thing.

And what's a dog house without a dog kitchen?? Lazy Susanns throughout for easy access to all your treats and food. water fountain that always shoots out pure, cool water. At the push of a button, a new kong filled with treats comes out of the wall.

Of course, after planning out this GREAT house, I realized that it was lacking the things I really love. My family. And while, we don't have the fancy things I've listed, I think that our house is just fine. Because it's not just a house.. it's our home.

**Not a tv star or a builder, just happy to be me**

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