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Friday, September 23, 2011

K-9 Kamp! Introductions!

There is this GREAT thing called K-9 Kamp! It's our first day doing it, but it looks really really fun. It's a way for Momma to get more active, while interacting EVEN MORE with us pups!! So everyone involved gets to get into shape and have fun! 

We skipped weeks 1 and 2 and started on week 3 (tug of war!) for today,  but Momma plans to start at the beginning tomorrow, and work our way through the weekly challenges. :D 

More To Come! 


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Gotta get Momma trained again

So, I thought for sure I had Momma trained well.. I'd sit, and she'd give me my food in my bowl (if it fit, if not, she'd set it down).

Well, I started thinking.. what if I would sit any time I want.. just plop my strawberry blonde bottom onto the ground near my bowl. Momma would have to give me food right?

Wrong! It didn't work!!

So then, I thought.. well, ok.. what if I lay next to my bowl and look really really hungry??
I'm STARVING here!

But then Momma said "Tiki.. you can't really be hungry can you?"

Well, not really.. I guess

So then Momma said it wasn't nice to play tricks...

I, Tiki, Promise not to try to trick Momma into thinking it's meal time when it's not

And this is all Colossus had to say about my behavior...