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Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Case of the Missing Crate

At 7am I was let out of my bedroom (Crate) for the day. I'm only in my crate A) at night B) when the family is gone for more then an hour or C) when I want to go in to have "alone time".

Back to the mystery

So, I go to the door to go potty, and Momma hooks the tether on to my collar. YAY!!! This means I get to spend more then potty time outside! :D So, I'm playing.. chasing bird shadows on the ground, chewing and licking at the kong momma threw out to me. Ate my meal of Chicken quarters with beef kidney and chicken livers. Took a couple of small cat naps. Played with my brothers when they came outside to play. Licked my baby brother to help him with his popsicle. Played a bit with momma when she came out to give me my daily brush down. Took a couple more naps. "Today is GREAT! I was thinking to myself. Momma has left me out a long time! Granted, she came out to check on me, make sure I wasn't too hot, hadn't knocked my bucket of cool water over, to play with me and such.. but she's NEVER left me out that long before. I was loving it! :D

Well, when it was time to come in, I dashed in the door and went right for my crate where I had tucked a bully stick for safe keeping... and almost ran into the wall! :-O Where's My Crate?!?!?! It was gone!!!!! what?? Why???

Upon standing in the middle of the room and looking around, I noticed that EVERYTHING was moved around. Nothing was where it was suppose to be!!! After sniffing around, I found where my crate was... Right next to Momma's spot on the couch! Whew! A sigh of relief! I could still see the TV, and now I could even see out the window!

I was so embarrassed almost running into the wall where my crate use to be though.. Momma could tell by the way I hung my head and looked up at her from the corner of my eyes.. BOL! Next time I'll have to actually LOOK where I'm going..

I AM kinda upset because Momma washed my 2 blankets. :( I had them positioned just where I wanted them and they smelled like me.. and now I gotta redo them.

So, Mystery solved and that's where I was all day yesterday! :D

**Sherlock Husky**

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