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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bad Girl, Bad Girl.. Whatcha going to do? Whatcha going to- do when they come for you?

COPS: Mississippi episode

Ok, so I wasn't on the show Cops, but the cops did come to the house today! :-O Yup.. the cops.. at my house... BECAUSE OF ME!!! Here's how it all went down..

So, I'm on my tether in the back yard minding my own business. Usually momma is out with me when I'm playing, but it's not too hot out, there isn't anything for me to get tangled up in, and I was just laying there chewing on my kong anyway, so momma decided to clean the kitchen while I played. The brothers were playing in their room, momma was doing the dishes and I could see her through the window. Poor Momma stuck in the house when it's soooo nice outside. *snickers to myself* I continue to chew on my kong, when this black and white SUV pulls up in front of the house. If I lean, I can see the SUV and a woman gets out of the truck. She walks to the side of the house and is looking at me. I thought about just ignoring her, but what kinda watch dog would I be if I did that?

I stand up, and not being much of a barker, just gave a low woof. She went back around the house, so I figured my job was done. I go back, lay back down and continue to get the yumminess out of my kong.

Next thing I know, momma comes out the back door, and that lady is following her. Momma calls the lady "officer" and explains how I came to live with them. I stand back up to show "officer" how pretty I am. Turn this way, then that. Showing off my good side. Momma asks "officer" if she needs to see my vet records and signed statement. The officer tells her no, that I look good and to have a nice day. I'm confused and tilt my head to look at Momma. She chuckles and gives me a hug.

Turns out that there is a farm a couple roads down. The farm has goats and ducks and geese and chickens and all kinds of little petting zoo type animals. Well, the past couple of nights, two dogs matching my description have gotten onto the farm and KILLED some of the animals!!! :-O And "officer" was driving by, saw me laying in the grass and thought I was one of them!!!! ME! I know I eat raw, but I wouldn't hurt another animal!

It's all cleared up now, but it kinda scared momma at first when "officer" knocked on the door and asked "is that your dog?" BOL! She thought one of the neighbors called and complained about something... complained about what I have no idea.. out of all the pups running loose around here I'm the least of anyone's worries.. BOL!

**Not an Indian Outlaw.. or Any Outlaw for that matter**

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Kitchen is a swimming pool!!!!

So, we have this dishwasher thingy that the humans put dishes in. Perfectly good dishes with nice smells and left over yummies get put into it and a little while later they come out with nothing on them. Stupid machine I think, but they don't ask me my opinion. I think could do a MUCH better job, but oh well.

Anyway, the dishwasher rolls. And hooks up to the sink. "Portable" dishwasher is what momma calls it. 

Well, tonight, momma hooked it up, started it going and then went to play some on the computer. I go on into the kitchen and notice that the dishwasher is Peeing on the floor!!! In my house! How dare it not scratch at the door to go potty! 

Now, I'm upset because all this time Momma has told me that it is not good to pee in the house, yet here is this dishwasher doing that exact thing! Now, I was pretty convinced that it was housebroken, because it's never done this before.. maybe it's too old to let us know? Maybe momma needs to get some wee-wee pads... 

Ok, I am rambling.. let me get back to the story. So, the dishwasher is peeing all over the floor. And it just keeps coming! I'm thinking the dishwasher has been holding it for a LONG time, cause now the floor is ALL wet and well, it's STILL coming! Doesn't smell like pee.. smells like bath water! Kinda soapy. Well, I think, If Momma comes in and sees the dishwasher is going potty on the floor, she's going to be mad! So I try to lay in it in case she decides to come into the kitchen for something. 

She doesn't.. I finally get tired of laying in the water, and decide that since I don't get to lick the yummy food off the dishes, I'm going to get the dishwasher in trouble on second thought. So I come to her.

Momma: " Tiki, why are you all wet??"

She gets up and goes into the kitchen when she proceeds to say things that a proper dog should NEVER say, and then she's yelling "No! Wet Dog Smell!!" 

** Looks around ** I don't think she's talking about me... 

So, now the kitchen floor is all clean, and momma keeps making the "bath" face at me.. scrunching her nose up and grimacing.. *sigh*

~ She who doesn't make a very good mop