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Saturday, September 25, 2010

I'm Home! I'm Home!

My fambly came and gots me today! It was a wong dwive home, but I was such a good boy my momma said. :D MY momma! I wike the sound of dat! My big sisfur Tiki was so nice to me when I came home too. She sniffted me and then wagged her tail and has been weewey gentle wiff me.

I gots a baff! I did NOT wike that one bit! Momma said I gots some fees and that is why I was a widdle itchedy, but she said she gots them all. I no itchedy anymore!

THEN I gots some chicken! it was gud! chomp chomp chomp! Now I am waying in my crate sweeping. I have had a busy day!

☺ Colossus ☺

Friday, September 24, 2010

Tomorrow, You're only a day away!

Tomorrow, bright and early... at 7 in the morning, the family is traveling to Alabama to get my brofur!!!! :D Can't believe it's almost time!!!! We're all set. He's got his own crate (I'm NOT sharing mine! BOL) He's got TWO collars.. one for now, and one to grow into. (I got a new collar too.. BOL! Momma said it wasn't fair for him to get something and not me) He's got TONS of brand new toys (which, I also got some, again, not fair if I didn't.. although I haven't been allowed to play with them yet.. momma said I have to wait til he gets here) He even has a new food bowl (for the chicken wings to go into.. not that momma expects that he'll KEEP them in the bowl.. I never did.. BOL!

Just so excited.. Momma doesn't think she'll sleep a wink tonight. :D

**Can't wait to be a big sisfur**

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Extreme Make-Over Doghouse Eddition

Momma left the tv on yesterday while they were at my skin brothers' tae kwon do tournament. She usually does this when she knows they are going to be gone for more then 2 hours. She thinks it makes it so that I won't feel too alone. But sometimes I wish she'd leave the controller where I could reach it. *sighs*

Well, yesterday she left it on a channel that was running the show "Extreme Make-Over Home Edition" marathon or something, because it was on ALL DAY.

So, while I'm laying in my crate watching the show, in between sleeping and chewing on my kong, I thought how it would be like if they had it for us pups?

Can you even imagine? Think about it. Walk into the room and the first thing you smell is the bacon wall paper. It smells so good, and tastes even better! In the living room would be enough couches to invite all of your pup friends over. And no worries about getting fur or scratches on the couches, they are lumpy and comfortable, just for us! TV's hooked up to Animal planet and even special channels just for us pups! We can watch dogs running in the park or peeing on fire hydrants or cats getting scared and falling off things (that's one of my favorite things to watch.. BOL! Gotta love Cats falling off things.. bol!)

Next would be the workout/play room. On those rainy days when you can't get out to play, would be the room you'd go into to get your daily exercise. A treadmill facing a giant screen. When you run, the screen comes on and it looks like you are running through fields. A tennis ball thrower that automatically shoots a ball out for you to chase. Maybe even a little pool to take a swim in, if you like that sort of thing.

And what's a dog house without a dog kitchen?? Lazy Susanns throughout for easy access to all your treats and food. water fountain that always shoots out pure, cool water. At the push of a button, a new kong filled with treats comes out of the wall.

Of course, after planning out this GREAT house, I realized that it was lacking the things I really love. My family. And while, we don't have the fancy things I've listed, I think that our house is just fine. Because it's not just a house.. it's our home.

**Not a tv star or a builder, just happy to be me**

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Case of the Missing Crate

At 7am I was let out of my bedroom (Crate) for the day. I'm only in my crate A) at night B) when the family is gone for more then an hour or C) when I want to go in to have "alone time".

Back to the mystery

So, I go to the door to go potty, and Momma hooks the tether on to my collar. YAY!!! This means I get to spend more then potty time outside! :D So, I'm playing.. chasing bird shadows on the ground, chewing and licking at the kong momma threw out to me. Ate my meal of Chicken quarters with beef kidney and chicken livers. Took a couple of small cat naps. Played with my brothers when they came outside to play. Licked my baby brother to help him with his popsicle. Played a bit with momma when she came out to give me my daily brush down. Took a couple more naps. "Today is GREAT! I was thinking to myself. Momma has left me out a long time! Granted, she came out to check on me, make sure I wasn't too hot, hadn't knocked my bucket of cool water over, to play with me and such.. but she's NEVER left me out that long before. I was loving it! :D

Well, when it was time to come in, I dashed in the door and went right for my crate where I had tucked a bully stick for safe keeping... and almost ran into the wall! :-O Where's My Crate?!?!?! It was gone!!!!! what?? Why???

Upon standing in the middle of the room and looking around, I noticed that EVERYTHING was moved around. Nothing was where it was suppose to be!!! After sniffing around, I found where my crate was... Right next to Momma's spot on the couch! Whew! A sigh of relief! I could still see the TV, and now I could even see out the window!

I was so embarrassed almost running into the wall where my crate use to be though.. Momma could tell by the way I hung my head and looked up at her from the corner of my eyes.. BOL! Next time I'll have to actually LOOK where I'm going..

I AM kinda upset because Momma washed my 2 blankets. :( I had them positioned just where I wanted them and they smelled like me.. and now I gotta redo them.

So, Mystery solved and that's where I was all day yesterday! :D

**Sherlock Husky**

Friday, September 17, 2010

Chickens are NOT a safe food!!!!

So, while Raw is a perfectly healthy diet for me, turns out, it's NOT a safe thing for momma...

That is a pic of my momma's foot... AFTER a whole frozen chicken fell on it. She was getting it out to thaw for my meal the next day, and it slipped outta her hand. OUCHIE!!

Black and Blue and Swollen.. and hurts she says.. :( Poor momma!

Now it looks like this..
I'm making sure she's ok.. awwww, I know, I'm such a sweet baby girl! :D
 She's trying to stay off of it as much as possible.
So, Beware, cause chickens may not fly far, but they do fall fast!

**Going to eat the chicken for revenge!!!**

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A New Brofur!!!!!!!!

OMD, Momma and Daddy informed our family last night that we are getting a new brofur!

 We can't go get him til the 25th, cause he's still really young, but we are all so excited! :D And he's so cute! I'll update as soon as he gets here! :D

**New Big Sisfur**

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Silence = Slippery Floors

My human brothers were not home today. All three of them were at a friend's house who have kids the same ages as my brothers. It was really quiet today. I laid around a lot, but momma took the time to clean the floors because it was quiet and noone running around.

We have polished concrete floors. Everywhere. There is a really thick brown rug in the living room, and the boys have this.. foam padding in their room (Momma says to say it's like what gymnastic and tae kwon do places use.. because that's where she got the idea from.. BOL!). That way they can play and not get hurt. Other then that.. it's all polished concrete.

So, momma decides while she's got "quiet" time she's going to get on hands and knees and scrub the floors. And they looked GREAT... except that when I went to the door to let her know I had to go potty, I was slipping and sliding everywhere! Oh My Dawg.. it was like ice!!!

THEN, to top it off.. MOMMA slipped! caught her elbow on the counter when she went down too!

So, I've come to the conclusion that when it's quiet in the house.. the floors get slippery. Not so sure it's worth it. BOL!

**Missing the chaos I call my brothers**