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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Sky is Falling! The Sky is Falling!

It snowed the other day! At least, that's what Momma called it. All I know is that I LOVED it! I didn't want to come back inside! BOL Thankfully Momma was a good sport, and put more layers of clothes on so that I could play more in it. It just kept falling from the sky. It was nice and cold,and when I'd catch it in my mouth.. It was Gone! I tried my hardest, but I couldn't catch them all. Momma realized too late that it was make for some cute pictures though :( I TOLD her maybe next time, but she says it doesn't snow too often here. *darn* So when I woke up ready to go play in it again, I literally STOPPED in the middle of a run when it wasn't there anymore! Momma actually almost fell on me and luckly caught my chicken (good thing, I love me my chicken) I stopped so fast. BOL I looked back at Momma and then sniffed around.. then looked back at Momma. She told me that SHE didn't do anything with it.. but I'm still wondering. She didn't seem to like it that much.. I'm wondering if she used that HORRIBLE vaccume thing on it while I was sleeping. *hrmm*

In other news, I can now open the fridge! :) I'm so proud of myself, but Momma and Daddy aren't too happy. They are talking about getting a "baby proof" fridge lock. I'm Not a baby anymore! *grump* I thought it was neat, cause now I don't have to wait on Momma.. I can get my own food! BOL! But, Momma doesn't seem too impressed... Maybe if I show her I can get the dishes on the counter, she'll see I'm a big girl now??

**I'm a Big Kid Dog Now! **

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