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Monday, August 29, 2011

I Got Mail!!!!! And It smells GOOD!

So, my great, sweet furiend Pepper  (from Dogster) wroted me a peemail saying to keep my nose to the mailbox. This got my tail wagging, but I tried not to show how excited I really was...

Where oh where is the mailman??

But finally, this morning, Momma came in the house from checking the mail and had a box for me!
Yay! It came!
What do you mean you need pictures? Can't I open it now??

I patiently waited for momma to open the box (yeah right.. I sniffed it, and could smell Pepper AND a yummy treat.. you know I was Woo-Wooing for her to HURRY UP MOMMA!!!

Look what was in my box!!
I got a present!And again, Momma made me Sit and Leave It.. *grump* She needed pictures she said.. plus, she said it would be rude to eat my present before I read the very pretty card that had come with it.. so we opened the card (while I kept the cookie in my sight from the corner of my eye...)
My pretty card

BOL! Momma loves that card! :D
Sweet Message from Pepper

Then I got to sniff and read my card :)
Me with my pretty card

FINALLY Momma took my cookie out of it's wrapper... but again, told me to Sit and Leave It. Hrmph.. I was starting to think that Momma was going to try to keep my cookie for herself!
My Tiki Hut Dog Cookie!

BOL! This is probably the best cookie I'd ever seen! And Pepper was right, it TOTALLY fit me! :D
Sniffing, but not touching yet...
Holding.. although I kept scooting closer and closer.. but still holding...

And then...

Woohoo!! Momma finally gave the OK command and I could eat it! :D It was sooo yummy!!

Thanks again Pepper! You are one of the greatest pals!! :D


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Watching... Waiting...

Do you see what I see?
So, that pesky squirrel has decided to not only NOT fall into my trap in the back yard... he has decided to terrorize the front yard now as well.

This, I just can't let happen! But Momma doesn't understand! She lets me roam around the back yard, but then that diabolical squirrel goes over the fence and into the front yard! So I rush into the house, and to the front door! But Momma won't open the storm door! :-O So I can SEE him, but can't do anything about him! And it's like he's mocking me... waving his tail like "nah nah, boo boo"


Where'd he go?


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

No sighting for days now...

Thought we'd give an update

Momma hasn't caught sight of me for a couple days now. :( She is pretty sure I was / am being fed and sleeping somewhere within the neighborhood.. like, within 10 blocks or so is her guess. I suppose it's just waiting game at this point. Either I come home, or my "new owners" take me to the vet where they scan me and realize that I'm a "missing" pup. 

Momma Misses Me.


Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Great Plan...

So, because of that evil squirrel embarrassing me, I've decided it's time to get even. This may have been his yard before, but it's MINE now! 

So, all this morning, I've been working on my plan. As soon as Momma let us out early this morning (after me waking her up by licking her face, then pawing at her feet til she finally got outta bed.. hehehe) I started to make my trap...
The Trap

My plan is to scare that pesky squirrel so that he falls outta the tree and into my hole. :D :D

Hrmm.. maybe I should look into getting a bear trap to put down there.. wonder how much those cost on Ebay....


Saturday, August 6, 2011

OMD!!! It finawy wainin!

Aftur what feewed wike furevers, it is finawy wainin outside!!! Pouwin wots and wots!!! So much dat Tiki and I couwdn't go outside fur vewy wong, and Tiki's Squiwwel twap is aw fullded wiff water! 

It wainin kitties and puppies out dere!

Not my yawd, but cwose enough! :D

~ Colossus

Squirrel: 1 , Tiki: 0 To Be Continued....

So, we now have this great backyard. It's almost perfect, except for 1 thing.. 

THIS pesky squirrel!

Ok.. maybe not THAT squirrel.. wait.. here.. I'll show him to you...
Here he is

There he is! Don't let that cute face fool you.. he's EVIL!!!!

We have two trees (well, more then that, but two bigger trees) and he likes to jump from one to the other.. RIGHT OVER MY YARD! So I run back and forth telling him to "Get Outta Here!"

Well, today I was running back and forth, and he jumped and almost looked like he wasn't going to make it!!! I rushed forward, head looking up watching him when


I smacked right into the fence. I was so embarrassed because not only was Colossus out with me, but Momma was watching me too!!!

As I made my way to the back door with my head hung in shame, I could SWEAR I heard a little evil squirrel laugh...


Monday, August 1, 2011

A close call.. but not a match :(

A friend of ours brought it up, and although we had already checked it out, we just wanted to post here to let everyone else know. A pup showed up at the Shelter here in town. Momma thought the picture looked like me, so she called them.

It wasn't me. :(  

This pup doesn't have a microchip (well, does now, but that's because the shelter gave her one).  She also didn't have a couple of markings that I have.

So, the search continues. A neighbor did come to the door yesterday saying that she had spotted a dog like Momma was describing (They've gone door to door asking if anyone had seen me). She said that she spotted "me" walking along the railroad tracks that run by where we live. So, Momma went walking a little bit. No sign of me, but she's not giving up hope.