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Monday, September 24, 2012

Some explaining to do...

First, you'll probably see a lot more of Magneto then of Colossus and I. It's not because he's more loved or anything.. it's because he actually does GREAT around other people and dogs.. and well, Colossus and I don't. 

The reason Colossus isn't getting along with others is because we've recently discovered he has what is called "Black Skin Disease." Sounds yucky.. and it is.. but thankfully it is not contagious. It is genetic. So, along with him having the funky fur, he is now loosing the fur and has rough dark skin around his tail. :(  He's on special meds and shampoo... and has to wear a cone of shame.. 

I make looking like a satellite dish look good right?? :-) 

Even though it isn't contagious.. it doesn't look all that great either. And we don't want people freaking out thinking that their dogs may get sick. :-( It was a hard decision to make, but until he starts to get some of his fur back, it was one that needed to be done. He IS getting a ton more loves on though.. too much if you ask me. Always cuddling (when he doesn't have the "Goop" on that is) and getting yummy treats. Momma says they have medicine in them, but they smell like liver to me! No fair I tell ya! 

As for myself.. well, I've just been grouchy. Not sure why. I do great at home. But sometimes I whine too much when there are other dogs at the dog park.. a really deep, loud whine. It scares people. Momma knows it isn't really scary.. but it SOUNDS scary. I just really want to play, but make weird loud noises. Momma is planning to work more with me.. in the near future. But until I can learn to behave (again) she says she just can't risk taking me to VERY public places. :( I know.. I'm sad too. 

So, with all the new Dog Events coming up, because of the brand new dog park, Magneto is the one who gets to go. Hopefully soon you'll see more "Public" posts that include myself AND Colossus. :) 

~ Tiki