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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I don't like no stinking... wait.. did you say Peanut- Butter??

So, I've turned my nose up at Peanut Butter since I arrived on the doorstep (literally) of my new home.. that's going on little over 3 weeks now. Couldn't figure out for the life of me why my sisfur Tiki and brofur Colossus would do every trick in the book to try to get some. Momma would hold up a glob of that PB stuff and say sit, and BOTH their bottom ends would be stuck to the floor. Me? I just give her my best "Is that all you got woman? Pawlease! I don't sit for nothing less then a hamburger steak" look. Pretty soon I'd sit, but wouldn't lick that glob of brown for anything.

I guess this upset Momma.. not like "Me Hulk, Me Smash!" upset, but just a "Well, Now what do I do?" type of thing. She really was stumped. She doesn't like to give us dog biscuits or treats like that, because of the corn and other ingredients she doesn't like us to have. PB was a quick, and easy thing to fill a kong with at a little moments time.

So, today we're outside enjoying the sunshine, and Momma comes out with Kongs. Gives Colossus his, then Tiki hers and stands there holding mine. I've already got my "Really? That thing again?" look on my face.

But then she hands it to me. And I sniff it. And it smells like... DOG BISCUIT!!! It's got a store bought Doggy Biscuit in it! The forbidden food of the goDs! I'm such a happy girl now, that I grab that kong and lay down to lick the treat.. get it out and keep licking.. but wait.. what's this? **lick** this doesn't taste like doggy biscuit anymore.. what... hrmm.. tastes kind of good actually.. **couple more licks**What is Momma smiling at?? Wait.. Peanut Butter... THIS is Peanut Butter?? This Is GOOD!!! What was I turning my nose up at it for??

So, turns out Momma had stuffed the kong FULL of peanut butter.. then pushed a dog treat (that she had gotten in a bag as a prize and had put into the cabinet and forgot about) into it. I scarfed that whole thing! BOL!!

Nom Nom Nom

**Peanut Butter Dance**


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Well, Here I am!!


I've been called a lot of different things, but my official name from now on is Psylocke. My new family told me so. They've also started calling me Sy-Sy.. and some pups here (At Dogster) have started to call me Psy.. boy, I hope I don't get confused! BOL! :D It's taken awhile to get here, even in my short amount of time on this Earth. I've been through so much, and maybe someday I'll put my story out there for everyone to read and experience, but for now, I'm just content to lay on this nice soft carpet and soak in all the belly scratches I can get :D I''m also so happy to have met such nice pups already! **HUGS**

Hiyas Everyone! I'm Here!

~ Sy-Sy

Friday, February 4, 2011

So many things happening & changing around here!

So, Monday afternoon I was playing outside and Momma and Colossus were inside. Momma heard me play Woo'ing and thought that was weird, because I usually only do that when wrestling with Colossus.. and he was laying beside Momma. So she came to the door to see what was going on, and found me playing with this lovely pup!

Look what Momma found!

So, Momma brought her into the house and called the shelter to see if she could bring the pup in to check to see if she had a micro-chip and if anyone had reported her missing. They told her to go ahead and bring her in and they'd scan her. So, Momma loaded her and the brothers up in the truck and headed off. I was kinda disappointed, because I love going for car rides!

Anyway, they scanned her and found out that she DID have a chip and not only that, but she had been adopted FROM this shelter back in November! They called the owners.. first time it went to voice mail and the shelter left a message. 5 minutes later they tried calling again and it was answered, then hung up right away. :( Momma asked the people at the shelter what would happen now. They said that they'd take "Sweetie" and put her in one of the Kennels in the back. Momma has been back there.. it's dark with no windows, and lots of dogs barking and in cages. She didn't want that for Sweetie. Momma asked if it would be ok if she took Sweetie back home with her until the owners were contacted. After thinking about it, the people at the Shelter thought was a good idea (they know momma because our family does things for the shelter at different times during the year). They got Momma's phone number and told her that when they got a hold of the owners, they'd call Momma. Momma asked if they knew where she had come from. Turns out, it was over 30 minutes away from our house!!
So, Sweetie came back home with momma and we've been having a blast ever since!
Us Pups

All Three of us playing!

Sleepy after playing so hard

On Wednesday Momma called the shelter back and they STILL hadn't heard anything from the "owners". They said that legally they had to wait 5 days to let us officially keep her, but they were pretty sure that the owners were surrendering her. Which is sad, because she is such a sweet and gentle giant. She's only a year old, but Momma said that she acts like an older dog.. she's had a hard life that has made her grow up faster then she was suppose to. :(

But, the good news is, TODAY is the day that she is officially ours! Momma will go pick up her info from the Shelter later today and see how we can get a copy of her rabies tag. :D

Anyway.. here is my new sisfur, Psylocke! :D