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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Was I not pose to do dat?

So, my big sisfur Tiki has been teaching me wots of dings. I haven't had dat many accidents in da house (just when Momma doesn't realize it in time). She has showed me how to go out into da yard to make tinkles. I'm vewy good at dis... Anytime I go out, da first ding I do is tinkle.

Now, dere are some oder dogs near where we wive. Dey dont seem too nice, but Tiki been protectin me, Cowossus, her widdle brofur. To show her dat I dink she be the greatest big sisfur ever, and to wet da oder doggies know she be MINE, I wifted my weg and tinkled on Tiki's weg.

She was NOT a happy big sisfur. Momma waughed dough, and said I be da funniest pup ever! Tiki, on da oder paw, gave me "Da Wook" dat tol me I better NOT tinkle on her eber again!

☺ Colossus ☺

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