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Monday, October 4, 2010

Hot Dawg, it's Cold outside!

Oh, yes, I'm loving it outside. So much, that I don't wanna go in the house! BOL! It is 10am.. and the guy on the weather show on the box that has pictures says that it's 54* outside! And it's sunny! My kind of day for sure. Just wish my tether was a little longer. I keep throwing my toys outta range. BOL!

Speaking of toys.. the nasty little neighbor's dog stole another of my toys yesterday. grrrrrr... That dog is so mean. But, when he wasn't looking, Colossus trotted right over and took it back! BOL!! He's not on a leash or tether yet, cause he pretty much stays near me or momma. Well, the neighbor's dog took my toy, and put it just outta my reach. He's ALWAYS teasing me like that. Well, Colossus trotted over, took it back and came back. He did start chewing on it, and didn't actually give it back to ME, but at least it's back in our yard again. :)

And yes, Colossus *blush* pee'd on me. :-/ It wasn't like, a lot.. only a few drops if that.. but still! I was so embarrassed! And Momma just laughed! He better watch it though.. cause he's still small enough that I could pee on HIM if I really wanted to ;) BOL! But I won't.. cause I'm sophisticated and all that. :D

**enjoying the cool weather and being dry**


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