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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I don't like no stinking... wait.. did you say Peanut- Butter??

So, I've turned my nose up at Peanut Butter since I arrived on the doorstep (literally) of my new home.. that's going on little over 3 weeks now. Couldn't figure out for the life of me why my sisfur Tiki and brofur Colossus would do every trick in the book to try to get some. Momma would hold up a glob of that PB stuff and say sit, and BOTH their bottom ends would be stuck to the floor. Me? I just give her my best "Is that all you got woman? Pawlease! I don't sit for nothing less then a hamburger steak" look. Pretty soon I'd sit, but wouldn't lick that glob of brown for anything.

I guess this upset Momma.. not like "Me Hulk, Me Smash!" upset, but just a "Well, Now what do I do?" type of thing. She really was stumped. She doesn't like to give us dog biscuits or treats like that, because of the corn and other ingredients she doesn't like us to have. PB was a quick, and easy thing to fill a kong with at a little moments time.

So, today we're outside enjoying the sunshine, and Momma comes out with Kongs. Gives Colossus his, then Tiki hers and stands there holding mine. I've already got my "Really? That thing again?" look on my face.

But then she hands it to me. And I sniff it. And it smells like... DOG BISCUIT!!! It's got a store bought Doggy Biscuit in it! The forbidden food of the goDs! I'm such a happy girl now, that I grab that kong and lay down to lick the treat.. get it out and keep licking.. but wait.. what's this? **lick** this doesn't taste like doggy biscuit anymore.. what... hrmm.. tastes kind of good actually.. **couple more licks**What is Momma smiling at?? Wait.. Peanut Butter... THIS is Peanut Butter?? This Is GOOD!!! What was I turning my nose up at it for??

So, turns out Momma had stuffed the kong FULL of peanut butter.. then pushed a dog treat (that she had gotten in a bag as a prize and had put into the cabinet and forgot about) into it. I scarfed that whole thing! BOL!!

Nom Nom Nom

**Peanut Butter Dance**


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