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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Well, Here I am!!


I've been called a lot of different things, but my official name from now on is Psylocke. My new family told me so. They've also started calling me Sy-Sy.. and some pups here (At Dogster) have started to call me Psy.. boy, I hope I don't get confused! BOL! :D It's taken awhile to get here, even in my short amount of time on this Earth. I've been through so much, and maybe someday I'll put my story out there for everyone to read and experience, but for now, I'm just content to lay on this nice soft carpet and soak in all the belly scratches I can get :D I''m also so happy to have met such nice pups already! **HUGS**

Hiyas Everyone! I'm Here!

~ Sy-Sy

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