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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Christmas Parade!

I got to be in the Christmas parade!!! The Bark Park had a spot, and invited all the regulars to attend. It was so fun! I was a reindeer  and had a little sidecar that had a stuffed pup with a Santa hat BOL! 
Lounging around waiting for it to begin

Got any treats Momma?

This poodle was dyed to look like he was wearing a Santa Suite! BOL

Loved the sweater on this pup.. but it was like, 80* outside.. They just don't make cute Christmas outfits that are for warm weather. 

Ms. Summer was wearing a full dog costume! BOL!! She was dying of heat by the end of the parade.. poor girl! 

Two cute pups 

The big pup of the two was just talking, talking, talking to everyone! BOL! 

Got tired and laid down while waiting

So did they :) 

So Much Attention! GAH!! I'm loving all this!! I may be getting a huge head from all the attention!! 

Laying down in the middle of the road during a stop in the parade. So many people wanting to pet me.. I was running back and forth across the street.. BOL! 

Our group of great people and dogs :) 

Even the Grinch had his pup with him!! 

~ Magneto 

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