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Friday, February 3, 2012

Kol's Notes: Pet Project 2/52

It's week 2! We've had a crazy busy week! But, it's Friday and that means it's time to post a highlight from the week. There was a lot going on, but one thing that sticks out in our mind is that Momma got a great deal on some new treats.. then found out that we won MORE treats from a contest.. BOL! So Colossus and I are in treat heaven! :D 

Week 2/52 Picture:

Look how nicely we are sitting waiting on a treat?

                                    Then Colossus stole one...                                    So I had to sneak one...

BOL!  We were tag-teaming Momma.. she'd be busy with one of us, and the other would steal a treat.. she finally started taking pics of it while laughing. :) Yup.. for sure, a GREAT highlight of the week! 


  1. haha!! That's quite the plate of goodies! Lucky dogs!! :D

  2. Those treats look nommy!!! I bet you both had fun sneaking them!!

  3. What an AWESOME smorgasboard of treats you have there! They all look mouth is watering just looking at yu rpictures. Thanks for joining in the Pet Project 365 blog hop!