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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Good Thing Momma doesn't believe in Doppelgangers!!!

So, Momma let Colossus and I out into the back yard to run around, eat and play while she finished helping the human brothers with their school lessons. She had the front door open, but the storm door closed (It's a really nice day out today!).  All of a sudden, out of the corner of her eye, she see's me go running through the front yard and up the street! She quickly ran to the door, and yelled "MYSTIQUE GET BACK HERE!" with a loud whistle. I turn and run back to her all smiles. When I get up to Momma though, she notices something.. I've got dark color trimming my ears, and the under side of my tail.. Also, while I'm wagging my tail, it doesn't have the natural curve like normal. That's when she looks into my eyes and realizes.. It's Not Me! That's also when she realized that.. this was a boy dog. *smacks head with paw* D'oh! :-/

He was really friendly, but no collar. :(   

The real me had come to the storm door, and wanted to play with him, but Momma didn't think that was a good idea, cause she didn't know how the 'looks-like-Tiki' dog would react. Before she could call someone from the shelter here, the dog must have heard something, cause he took off down the road. Momma got kinda sad cause it was like watching Psy run-away, especially when the 'looks-like-Tiki dog' didn't respond when Momma called after him. 

It was just really weird that he looked so much like me! Although, there were differences. His trim colors were dark, while mine are light. His tail didn't have the husky curve like mine does. He also look more broad in the shoulders. 

Boy, I hope he doesn't start trouble, and the police don't come up here looking for me for something he did! (like back at the old house.. see the post Bad Girl, Bad Girl on THAT story.. ) We wish him luck in his search.. wherever he was heading. 

'looks-like-Tiki dog' taking a break in our yard

~ Tiki

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