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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Squirrel: 1 , Tiki: 0 To Be Continued....

So, we now have this great backyard. It's almost perfect, except for 1 thing.. 

THIS pesky squirrel!

Ok.. maybe not THAT squirrel.. wait.. here.. I'll show him to you...
Here he is

There he is! Don't let that cute face fool you.. he's EVIL!!!!

We have two trees (well, more then that, but two bigger trees) and he likes to jump from one to the other.. RIGHT OVER MY YARD! So I run back and forth telling him to "Get Outta Here!"

Well, today I was running back and forth, and he jumped and almost looked like he wasn't going to make it!!! I rushed forward, head looking up watching him when


I smacked right into the fence. I was so embarrassed because not only was Colossus out with me, but Momma was watching me too!!!

As I made my way to the back door with my head hung in shame, I could SWEAR I heard a little evil squirrel laugh...


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