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Monday, August 1, 2011

A close call.. but not a match :(

A friend of ours brought it up, and although we had already checked it out, we just wanted to post here to let everyone else know. A pup showed up at the Shelter here in town. Momma thought the picture looked like me, so she called them.

It wasn't me. :(  

This pup doesn't have a microchip (well, does now, but that's because the shelter gave her one).  She also didn't have a couple of markings that I have.

So, the search continues. A neighbor did come to the door yesterday saying that she had spotted a dog like Momma was describing (They've gone door to door asking if anyone had seen me). She said that she spotted "me" walking along the railroad tracks that run by where we live. So, Momma went walking a little bit. No sign of me, but she's not giving up hope.


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