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Sunday, July 3, 2011

~ Missing! ~

We have had quite a lot going on. Part of the fence in our new yard had a hole that Psylocke kept sneaking through.. thankfully Momma caught her doing it, and found the hole.. but after Momma fixed the part of the fence that had a hole in it, we have a rough storm come through.. and a different part of the fence got knocked over (Momma thinks a tree limb hit it). Next day Momma let us pups outside and Psylocke took off. Colossus and I hadn't tried to escape, but it was like, as soon as she saw that hole, she went for it. Momma called her, and told her "NO!" but she didn't listen. She took off down the road, tongue hanging out at full run... Momma chased her, but she was too fast... **sorry.. Momma is crying again...** 

That was a week ago... The shelter hasn't had anyone turn her in, the microchip people finally told momma to stop calling and that if someone scanned her, they'd call us. Noone has taken her to the vets in town either. Momma just didn't have the heart to come to Dogster or our blog because of all her pictures and such... Colossus and I know something is wrong.. Colossus keeps going to her crate and looking like "where'd she go?" Every evening Momma takes us on a walk further and further to see if maybe Psylocke will see or hear us and come back.. :(

Daddy says she's a roamer.. she came to us that way, and he says that because of her history, she probably doesn't know how to NOT run and roam.

So, that's where we've been. Momma just couldn't come here and see Psylocke's profile and pictures... It's hard enough for her seeing Psy's crate, toys, bowl and pictures on the wall...

Hopefully she'll find her way back home safe and sound. 


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