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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Big House, Missin Psy, Twails & Squiwels!

We aw are pwetty much moveded into our new Big House. Gots to say, it is much bettew den da owd house was. We gots woom to wun awound and westle! And we have wots of cawpet to stewtch out and way on. Vewy vewy nice!

Psywocke has been gone for awhile now. Makesed Momma sad. I goes and sniffs her cwate evewy day to see if she'd be in dere duwing da night, but she hasn't been. :( Momma keeps tellin da broffers dat Psywocke is having Adventuwes. We've seen her down da road a couple times, but she always runs da odder way. dinks we are pwaying chase. Makesed Momma vewy vewy sad. But someone is giving her foods and maybe even a pwace to sweep.

We gots a new Big Yawd wiff our new Big House. Da gwass is nice, and Tiki and I have alweady made twails aw over! And dere are Squiwels!!! Dey jump from twee to twee! I likes to Bawk bawk bawk at dem. Tiki wuns back and fowth back and fowth incase one of da squiwels faws. :D It's fun!

Dat's it so faw.

~ Colossus

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