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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Time for my story to go public

We decided to wait to tell my story, but now the time has come. Because it's been over a couple months, I've officially been abandoned, and now adopted, so my story can be told. Sit back, have some popcorn and I'll tell you everything that Momma and I have found out about my life. 

We'll start from the day I came into Momma's life.. then start at the beginning of my life, and then back to now. I know, it sounds confusing, but this is how Momma learned it, so this is how we'll tell it. :) 

It was a really nice sunny day out. I was walking through this nice smelling field, when I saw this pup laying on the grass in a yard. I've really really wanted to play with someone, so I ran right over. The other pup was really friendly, and only a little bit smaller then myself. And she knew how to play!!! She bowed, I bowed, then we were wrestling and barking, and licking, then bowing and wrestling and barking all over again. We were having a blast! Then, the other pup stopped, and looked, with a big grin on her face, at the back door to the house, which was now open. A lady stood there watching us. I quickly laid down on my belly with my ears flat on my head. The other pup was still grinning and her tail was wagging and she ran to the lady. The lady was petting and talking to the pup in a nice voice, but I noticed she was looking at me. She let the pup into the house, then turned back to me and sat down on the ground. I tilted my head to show her I noticed her. She started talking to me. 
"Hi Sweetie, where did you come from?" 
I got up, and slowly started to walk toward her. When I got close enough, she put a hand out and started petting me. I fell in love. She noticed I had a collar, but no tags. She seemed to think for a minute, then opened the door. I just sat there looking at her. I didn't want her to leave me! But then she said 
"Well, come on then" and coaxed me into the house! I could see the other pup, so I literally ran inside. There, I saw another littlier pup! He was smaller then both of us, but wanted to play too! There were also three human pups! We were playing and running around the living room, while the lady got on the phone. I could hear her talking about taking me somewhere to get chips. mmMMmm people food!

She clipped the leash on me, got the human pups, and brought me and them to her truck. The other two pups weren't coming, and I was a little sad about that, but was happy that the human pups were coming. :D 

We drove for a little bit, and pulled into a place that smelled very familiar. What? No! Not here!!! It was the animal shelter. I put on my gloomy face as the lady took me inside. The people there knew me, and I remembered some of them. They scanned my back with this stick, and then I realized that I wasn't getting chips.. they were seeing if I had one. And, I did. I could have told them that. I had just been adopted outta there in November (Not even 3 months ago) My name was Sweetie, the lady found out. Again, could have told her if she'd asked me.. *sigh* The lady stood there talking with some people about how pretty I was, while another lady called the number from on the chip. The first time, it went to a voicemail after 4 rings. They left a message. Second call was picked up, then hung up. The lady looked sad. She asked what would happen now. The shelter ladies said that I'd be put into one of the kennels in the back until my "owner" was reached. The lady didn't seem happy about this. She got down to my level and started to hug and pet on me. Then she stood up and asked 
"Could I keep her at my house until the "owner" is reached?" The shelter lady thought for a minute then said 
"Heather, we know you, and you've helped us out a lot. Yes, you can foster her for a couple of days" 
Then the lady asked,
"What happens if the "owner" isn't reached?"
The shelter lady then answered,
If the "owner" isn't reached after 5 days, Sweetie will be eligable for adoption again."
That was all we needed to hear. The lady brought me back to the warm house with the two nice pups and the boys to play with. After two days, the lady called the shelter, and was told that the "owner" still hadn't called them, or picked up any of their calls. 

On Friday (exactly 5 days after I was reported "found") the lady took me back to the shelter. This time I wasn't too happy.. I remembered this place, and knew that I was here to stay.. noone wanted me. The lady brought me in and stood talking with the shelter lady again for a little bit. Then the shelter lady said 
"We're not suppose to give this files to anyone, but I'm making an exception" Then handed the lady a fold that said "Sweetie" on it. Hey! That's me! I'm Sweetie.. but what does this mean??

The lady shook hands with the shelter lady and the next thing I knew, we were back in the truck! I looked at the lady. We sat in the parking lot of the shelter for a little bit, just looking at each other. 

"Your name is no longer Sweetie. That name has pain with it from your past. Plus, to be in our family, you need an X-men name. As weird as that is, it's become a trademark to the furkids of the family."

I wagged my tail. I knew what she was saying.. they WERE going to keep me! 

"Your new name will be Psylocke." I leaned over the middle consol and gave the lady a small kiss. "And from now on, I'm your Momma" Momma I had my very own Momma!

*********************************************** ******************
Psylocke's Momma taking over just for a minute. I wanted to share the information that I received from the shelter. This was Psylocke (aka Sweetie)'s history from birth until she arrived on our doorstep, as per the shelter. 

It seems that Psylocke was not even a month old when she was taken to the shelter by the owners of her mother dog. They couldn't take care of her.

She stayed in the shelter for a couple of weeks, til she was old enough for adoption, then was adopted out. A week later she was brought back, because she didn't get along with the people's dogs. (This I find very hard to believe because she gets along great with Tiki and Colossus. I just think the people had no idea how Husky/Malamutes play.. they play wrestle.. and it looks like fighting, when it's not) 

She was back at the shelter for only a short time when another person adopted her out. This time someone ELSE turned her in after finding her along the road. The owners stated that she had gotten out of the house, and ran off... and that they didn't want to keep haivng to find her, so they turned her back over to the shelter.

The last time she was in for a couple more weeks when the last person adopted her. 3 months after this, she showed up in our backyard. After talking with neighbors, someone finally came forward to say that they had seen a truck pull down our road, and let her out, then drove away. They couldn't tell anything else, because it had been night time. Unfortunatly, we live in a rural area, so I'm sure this happens a lot. FORTUNATLY she came to play with Tiki. 

We jumped through hoops and waited and jumped through more, but she is finally officially ours. Microchip changed and all records have actually been deleted from the shelter and I have the only copies. (In case the previous "owner" decides to try to get her back)
************************************************** ***
Back to me now.. :D My life has been so great. I'm fed a raw prey model diet. At first I was like"what??? What is this?? Where's my kibble??" but now I eat like a champ. :D And I'm loving my new fursiblings and my human brothers. I get brushed EVERY DAY!! and I have my own HUGE crate to sleep in. I made it all comfy by shredding up the blanket I was given so that I could spread it how ever I wanted it. ;) I also have LOTS of toys. I'm pretty good about sharing, but I love to de-stuff stuffies, so colossus and Tiki have hidden their favorites in their crates.. BOL! :D 

I'm living the good life now, and I'm so happy I found my new forever home!

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