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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Krewe of Barkus!

Now that the town we live in has a Dog Park, there have been some events (which, we've covered in the past.. we've been to every single one of them so far!!). 

Well, it's that time again! The Tupelo Bark Park is putting on a great Mardi Gras dog parade! It is going to be sooo fun! 

Momma said that I will be going for sure, but she's been debating on letting Tiki come too. (Colossus is still a satellite dish head, so he will get a ton of treats all to himself while watching Animal Planet and probably sleeping on the couch~ Even though we aren't suppose to be up there!~) 

Momma went to the store to see what kinds of outfits they have for a dashing pup, like myself, to wear for Mardi Gras. Can you believe she couldn't find ANYTHING???  All kinds of masks for the humans to wear, but Nada~Zip~Zero for the pups. :( 

So, she is thinking of trying to find some Mardi Gras fabric and making me a bandanna to wear. Not as glamorous as I had hoped.. I was thinking feathers and beads and Masks... *sighs*

I'll have to update everyone when the time gets here about how the parade went. :)

~ Magneto

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