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Friday, May 18, 2012

K9Kamp Is Back!!!!!

That's right! Kol's Notes & Peggy's Pet Place are putting on the second annual K9Kamp.. and it starts this week!!! We (The Momma and myself, Tiki,) are soooo excited for this! We did this last year. Although I don't have much weight to lose, Momma says she could spare a pound or two.. or hundred.. :-/ I do it, because it means even MORE times with Momma and it's fun! 

Anyway, so this year, Momma thinks it might be fun to do with all THREE of us pups. Yeah.. we'll see how this goes.. I know I can do it, but the boys? Pfft... I'll leave em in the dust and then.. err.. what Momma? It's not a contest?  Well, you are WRONG!  Because this year that are some really great prizes!!! 

A Puppia Soft Harness & Matching Leash 

Gift certificates to Dogwise, compliments of Pooch to 5K

 Toys, toys, toys 

And books, including two copies of my bookDieting with my Dog,  compliments of Hubble & Hattie!

We have so many great prizes, we've had to make a separate page just for them. But don't worry, it's so easy. All you have to do is click on the following link to reach the form to enter to win these exciting prizes! There's even a FANTASTIC Grand Prize including a Nike+ sports band for you and a collar, tag, and fun fitness toy for your dog!

And...EVERYONE who completes all four challenges and fills out the contest entry form will receive a free copy of the summer issue of Modern Dog magazine! Enter to win the PRIZES now!

So, what are you waiting for? The first challenge is up here! Get your pup(s), get your comfy clothes on, and get out there and have some fun!!! :) 

~ Tiki 

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  1. We're so excited to have you guys kamping with us again! We think this year is going to be a whole lot of fun!