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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Howl-O-Ween & The Silly Things Our Momma Dresses Us In...

Momma loves this time of year... mostly because it means she can dress us pups in silly things. She says she'd do it year round if she could, but because we are bigger dogs, most people don't think it's as cute as when little dogs are dressed up. Now, while I prefer to just wear my fur coat, I tolerate Momma putting me in silly things for pictures (and giggles.. YES! She actually giggles! ) 

This year she had a couple different outfits to put us into.. 

Yes, that is me.. dressed as a Lady Bug. 
Momma had to bribe me with treats to get me to look at her.. BOL!

Then Momma put Coli into the squirrel outfit, because it is suppose to be his.. he was just too small last year to wear it.. BOL!

Coli wouldn't hold still for a picture of just him.. BOL!

Then, she ACTUALLY convinced Daddy that we NEEDED to get 2 more costumes each... and he went along with it!! Of all the peoples, I thought he'd be the one to stand up for us pups and not having to dress up... Nope. He caved and she got us two more outfits. And they go together!!!

Coli as The Big Blue Fish

I can NOT believe that Momma has me looking like a submarine!!

Us together

Coli as the Headless Horseman's Siberian Horse!

I'm a pretty Princess's Unicorn. I don't mind the princess.. it's the stupid horn hat Momma made me wear. I look like a dork...

"Woo Woo Arr Woo" Means "Momma.. why do you insist on dressing us in silly things??"

So yeah.. Maybe she'll skip over Christmas things to dress us in, and wait a whole year... at least, we can hope right? 

~ Tiki & Colossus

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